Brand Mark Digital’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

BMD Holiday Traditions

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, you probably have some fun traditions that make this time of year special for you. To help you get in the festive spirit, we’re sharing our favorite Christmas traditions and recipes! 

Let’s Get Festive—Holiday Traditions with BMD

Hope’s Traditions

Hope SilerEvery year on Christmas Eve, my entire family gets together for a big breakfast at my aunt’s house. After plenty of biscuits and gravy, my family carpools to a few of our local cemeteries to bring flowers and visit loved ones that are no longer with us. It may seem macabre, but it’s my favorite part of our holiday traditions. It feels good to spend some time connecting with relatives who have passed and hearing stories about them from other family members. After that, we all hang out and chill for a bit. Then we head over to my grandmother’s house in the evening for dinner, drinks, and present exchanging with the extended family. We play plenty of games, and then do a show and tell of our presents to say thank you. On Christmas morning, it’s just me, my husband, my parents, and siblings at my parents’ house. We open our presents together in the morning and stay in pajamas all day hanging out and playing games. Once it gets dark outside, we watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Those are my Christmas traditions! 

As for recipes, my family is normally in charge of making the dressing and mashed potatoes. I’d share recipes, but they’re award-winning family secrets! Let’s just say the love is in the quality of potatoes; always go Yukon with plenty of oven-roasted garlic!

Jordan’s Traditions

JordanDuring the Christmas season, since I’m from the Bahamas, I enjoy attending a native event called Junkanoo. Additionally, my family and I enjoy cooking recipes that include: baked macaroni and cheese, crawfish, conch, soup and several other starch filled dishes! Families enjoy going to the Christmas carnival that comes once a year, during the Christmas time. 

Families love spending time together, especially my mother and grandmother. Usually, my family and I attend several church services and gather for Christmas events. On Boxing Day, my mother spearheaded a charity event that gives food to the needy. I usually join her and assist with serving food and preparing meals. 

Julie’s Traditions

Julie BredesenA new tradition I started last year was using my grandmother’s old ornaments on the tree. It’s such a nice mix of traditional and fun/funky that makes my heart extremely happy. For me, decorating is not complete until the mistletoe gets hung in the main entryway; it’s something I remember from my childhood and have continued to this day. My daughter always comes home for a long weekend to spend with the family and is normally kicked off with some local brewery visits with friends and family. However, one of my favorite traditions is watching Elf with my husband – there’s really nothing that puts me in the holiday spirit more!

Jen’s Traditions

Jennifer RenshawIn my family, we normally kick off our holiday festivities with games together on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. We often have close family friends over as well to join in on the good times. Later, we go to midnight mass together, where my mom always sings in the choir. After mass, we all head to my grandparents’ house for a nightcap and great conversation! 

Keep Up the Christmas Spirit

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