Nashville Retail Shop Successfully Deploys Digital Advertising Strategy and Grows Revenue

Brand Mark Digital Helps Nashville Small Business Build and Manage a Lucrative Digital Business Strategy


Nashville Small Business Owner Seeks New Way to Generate Revenue After Declining In-Person Sales

In Q4 of 2020—following the Nashville tornado and decline of in-person sales due to the pandemic—a local Nashville gift shop owner and good friend of BMD turned to us in search of a new way to reach their target market and grow revenue.

Enter digital advertising.


Brand Mark Digital Develops and Deploys Digital Advertising Strategy

Retail Case Study StatisticThe goal was simple: utilizing different digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google Search, Brand Mark Digital needed to create and execute ads in order to drive awareness, sales, and in-store visits. Our expert team quickly went to work analyzing the company’s current assets and building a lucrative ad campaign.

Next, our team reviewed channel-specific demographics and recent trends in digital advertising to ensure we made the most of our client’s ad spend. Then, we created an engaging content calendar and subsequent ad assets including video, static, and carousel graphics. In addition to the digital ads, Brand Mark Digital also created a Corporate Gift Guide to be used as sales material for large corporate clients as well as schools, non-profits, fundraisers, or mailers.

With the assets created, it was finally time to put our plan into action—just in time for the 2020 holiday season.


Made In TN Breaks Digital Advertising Benchmarks, Achieving Record-Setting Revenue Growth

Needless to say, this ad campaign gave our client plenty of reason to feel cheerful heading into the new year. After analyzing the tracking and analytics metrics for the ads, we found that:

For every $1 spent on advertising, our client gained $14 in profit. 

We don’t mean to boast, but here we go: the industry average ROA (Return On Ad Spend) is 4:1. With this campaign, we blew those benchmarks up higher than the Lifeway building circa 2018, and we aren’t done yet. Across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, and Made in TN’s various audience networks, we achieved 291.5 K digital impressions.

At Brand Mark Digital, we contribute our success to our expert team. Our signature strategy ensures we’re constantly analyzing our clients’ ad spend to ensure we’re investing in areas that are most profitable.

After the campaign’s completion, we delivered additional insights and opportunities gleaned from the campaign to our client, so they could use what we learned to drive and inform future campaign success.

Are you a numbers person? Don’t just take our word for it! Click the link below to download the campaign results and see our success for yourself. 

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