A National Google Ad Campaign for a Niche B2B Product

Brand Mark Digital Launches a Coordinated Advertising Campaign for Cisco DNA Spaces


International Technology Provider, Cisco, Needs a Google Ad Campaign to Break Their New Product Into the Market

Cisco needed help setting up a national campaign targeting large businesses for their new product, DNA Spaces. Working through one of our partner agencies, we were contracted to research and launch a Google AdWords and Display Ads campaign to help raise awareness and drive leads as Cisco broke this new product into the market. This B2B product had a niche market and low keyword search volume, so we knew we’d need a strategic approach in order to make a large impact.


A Segmented Ads Campaign to Reach a Highly Targeted B2B Audience

Cisco Case Study StatisticOur team jumped into keyword research for the ads, only to find that the search terms for the product had low volume—typical of a niche B2B campaign. With our objective in mind, we considered the varying use cases for different industries, and compiled relevant keywords based on our nimble segmentation. We also researched different display ad opportunities and designed custom graphics for the displays. Then it was time to set up the campaign.

Our ads experts started setting up the Google Ads account following best practices and using their new predictive algorithms. We then plugged in our keywords, graphics, and parameters. Finally, we got to watch the analytics roll in. Our team frequently reviewed the available analytics, diligently tweaking the target keywords and audiences based on each ad groups’ performance.


Setting Cisco up for Success by Providing Keywords, Best Practices, and Most Importantly—Results

The average cost-per-click (CPC) for the selected keywords range from $5-$8 per click, however our average CPC was only $1.71—well below Google’s projected CPC when targeting these keywords. By constantly monitoring the campaign and ensuring we optimized targeting around the keywords that were performing best, we were able to make the most of Cisco’s ad spend while still successfully driving traffic to their landing page.

We also delivered extensive keyword research and set them up for success on future campaigns by setting up their Google Ads account per best practices. 

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