Regional ABM Campaign for B2B Telecom Service Drives Marketing Qualified Leads

Brand Mark Digital Builds a Coordinated Marketing Strategy and ABM Campaign (Account-Based Marketing) for a new Telecom Product.


Nashville-Based Telecom Service Provider, Resource Communications Group, Seeks New Marketing Strategy for B2B Offering

Our client and good friend John Anderson was seeking B2B strategies to gain leads for his new offering, Telecom Department as a Service® (TDaaS). As the first provider of this comprehensive telecom service, RCG needed to ensure that prospects were aware that the service existed and understood the undeniable value this service provides. Due to the unique nature of the service, it was best suited for large companies with multiple locations, which meant RCG needed to reach a small segment of relevant decision-makers with materials that would assist the sales team in nurturing prospects through the sales funnel.


Introducing a Research-Based Marketing Strategy that Results in An Account Based Marketing Campaign

RCG Case Study StatisticOur team quickly got to work completing a comprehensive audit including competitors, website, SEO, social media, and collateral materials. Through the insights gleaned from our research, we developed a digital marketing strategy designed to help bring in quality leads, and nurture those leads throughout the sales process. That’s when the real work began.

We started by redesigning the RCG website with an SEO-focused design. Then, we began building sales materials such as email drip campaigns, white papers, videos, and case studies. We simultaneously implemented a content strategy and began running a lucrative Google AdWords campaign (hello competitor targeting). As we analyzed the results of our initial work, we realized the best way to sell this high-cost, high-value business service was through a personalized touch. That’s when we started phase two: The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign.

The concept is simple: Targeting regional companies and the relevant decision-makers, we designed industry-segmented landing pages, email drip campaigns, social media posts, and LinkedIn advertisements to strategically target accounts. We used a variety of tactics including target-company research, geo-fencing, LinkedIn InMails, and job-title-specific targeting. Our multifaceted ABM campaign strategically coordinated multiple channels to reach segmented audiences in order to drive sales-qualified leads. Our continued reporting and iteration ensured we invested in the channels and messaging that were driving the most quality engagement.


Driving Sales-Qualified Leads Through a Coordinated ABM Strategy

Throughout the course of this campaign, we generated more than 13,000 website visitors, over 15 marketing-qualified leads, and almost 1,300 email clicks. But the success of these campaigns weren’t just evident to us—RCG is continuing their contract with us.

If you’re a numbers person and like us, want to see the results for yourself, download our detailed report.

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