3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Boost ROI and Sustain Success

Boost ROI

It should come as no surprise that digital transformation is engulfing all sectors. The move offers plenty of challenges and expenses. But if you’re up for the challenge, the digital age is generating great opportunities to delight current customers while blazing a path for sustained long-term success.

Don’t worry if you’re late to the digital game. Launching a digital marketing strategy has never been easier. Trust me, we do it all the time. There is an abundance of affordable tools, readily available consultants with plenty of digital marketing skills, and digital marketing tactics proven to jumpstart your path to sustained business growth. 

Here are three tactics we can partner on to refresh your marketing approach and boost the performance of your campaigns:

1. Define your brand and stick to it

What is your brand? And for that matter, what does branding mean

Your branding is much more than the logo you’ve posted across your business profiles and printed on your business cards. It’s the tangible and intangible qualities, commitments, and general ethos that are evoked when people think of your company. Coca-Cola has built a beverage empire that’s rooted in Happiness as the central brand. Do you know what your company’s happiness is?

What’s critical is that you take the time to define and portray your brand accurately and consistently. You also need to check back in on your brand semi-annually, annually or at least every couple of years as your customer base grows.

The same goes for the growth of your business. Perhaps you were a sole proprietor or two-person crew, but now you’ve assembled a kick-ass team and are ready to formally expand your services (ahem, ring a bell?). That type of business evolution should correspond with an evolution of your brand.

2. Generate a catalog of content rooted in SEO best practices

Great content is critical for showcasing your brand to the world and fueling your marketing campaigns. This is the stuff that drives people to your site, entices them to share across social channels, and compels them to convert and become a business lead. 


With a few slight tweaks and optimizations, we can ensure that this same content also ranks highly on Google searches for terms relevant to your business and services. This is what we mean by content rooted in SEO. Rather than just writing a blog, you can use SEO as a digital marketing tactic to intentionally make your content do exponential work for you.

From an optimization perspective, Google has been valuing quality content and user experiences over gimmicky keyword-stuffed content. This means that the best search engine optimization you can do is to ensure your content is engaging and well-written. Our approach to achieving this type of content is to write for a targeted audience and cover timely and highly relevant information that offers unique research and solutions to common industry issues. It’s easier said than done, but it’s essential for revamping your marketing efforts.

3. Launch an inbound digital marketing strategy

Having a catalog of great content is essential, but it’s not a “build it and they will come” scenario. You have to activate that content and get it to the people it was meant for. This is the essence of your inbound digital marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is an omni-channel approach to using quality content and digital marketing tactics to attract prospects to your site, where you can further engage them as leads, and eventually, delight them as customers.


Your inbound strategy starts with identifying target audiences. The key here is to understand the broad market while also taking deep dives into valuable segments within that larger audience. You have to identify the niches that are attracted to your brand and target them to successfully execute inbound campaigns.

What’s critical is that you build a strong foundation of content and optimized platforms (website, social, email marketing) from which you can execute multiple inbound campaigns simultaneously. It may seem like a lot at first, but these are marketing requirements to grow your business in our digital age.

Embed these digital marketing tactics into your marketing efforts

Whether your business is a start-up or has been around for 10 years, it’s never a bad time to implement new digital marketing tactics. Your customer’s needs and expectations evolve just as your expectations change for the companies you patronize. Revamping your digital marketing strategy to one that’s agile and iterative is key to sustaining growth for your business. It can be a daunting task given all the platforms and experts, not to mention all the channels you have to reign in.

Our vision at Brand Mark Digital is to be a value-added partner for your organization. We want to combine our strategic and creative experience with your business vision and goals to build truly compelling and unbelievably successful marketing campaigns. 

Let’s connect and amplify your marketing efforts today!

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