BMD’s Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

BMD Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives 2022

Looking for fun gifts for creative people?

Stressing over what to get those creative types in your life? I’ve got some ideas for you that are sure to make them smile. Don’t worry, you’ll smile too as there are some great affordable options in my curated list!

Julie’s Creative Gift Ideas

Phone Lenses
Phone Camera Lenses – $36.99

Let’s face it. Most creative types love taking photos on their phones. Up their game with this set of lenses which is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

French Press Travel Tumbler – $24.99

Deadlines are always looming. Help your creative stay ahead of them with a quality boost of caffeine! This portable French press coffee maker that brews freshly ground coffee (or tea) in minutes. It’s both stylish and convenient, with triple insulation to keep their brew piping hot.

French Press Tumbler
Llama Duster
Fuzzy Llama Duster – $14.99

Last-minute gift ideas for the quirky creative who loves desk props AND cleanliness? No prob-llama! This fuzzy pink llama duster is sure to brighten up their workspace while also keeping it dust-free. It also bends out straight to reach those hard-to-get places.

Mini Desk Fridge – $49.99

Let’s face it. Creatives and diving down rabbit holes go hand in hand. Help them keep their snacks conveniently close with this mini desk fridge. Cooluli’s classic 4-liter thermo-electric Cooler/warmer mini fridge sports a matte finish and a modern profile that’s sure to fit in their office space.

Mini Desk Fridge
Productivity Clock
Productivity Clock – $18.99

Remember what I said about creatives and rabbit holes? Time goes missing when we’re deep in creative problem solving. This stylish and innovative digital desk timer and clock will help make it easy to stay on schedule.

Silently Judging Your Font Choice Mug – $19.97

Have you ever noticed your creative’s eye start to twitch when you show them your “cool 3D logo” you created in Powerpoint using Comic Sans? If so, that creative needs this mug as much as you need that creative.

Judging Font Choices Mug
DIY Desk Calendar
DIY Typewriter Calendars – $7.99

Look, most creatives have at least a few fun things on their desk. Sometimes we just need to step away from a creative problem for a bit so we can come back to it fresh later. We are also mindful of deadlines. Give them something productive AND creative with this fun DIY!

Nessie Tea Infuser and Mug Set – $24.95

Maybe your creative needs to cut back on the coffee and find something less caffeinated. This tea infuser and mug set…well, I can’t even with it. Just trust me and buy this for that creative tea drinker in your life.

Nessie Tea Set
Pantone Puzzle Cube
Magic Cube – $15.17

This is THE Rubik’s Cube for graphic designers! Made of Pantone colors, it’s another fun gift for their desk or as a fun stocking stuffer for your favorite graphic designer.

Design Thinking Toolbox Book – $25.49

The Design Thinking Toolbox explains the essential tools and methods to put Design Thinking into action. Based on the most extensive international survey on the use of design thinking, the most popular methods are described in four pages each by an expert from the global Design Thinking community. If you are involved in innovation, leadership, or design, you need these tools. Simple instructions, expert tips, templates, and images help you implement each device or method.

Snoop Dog Cookbook
Snoop Dogg Cookbook – $15.62

If you work around creatives, you know we typically have some kind of music in our ear holes. If you go to dinner with them, you probably notice we have to photograph a beautiful plate of food when we see it. Enter this cookbook from Snoop – From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen.

Fun Ramen Bowl – $19.66

If you follow any of my socials, you know I have an intense love for ramen – especially breakfast ramen. This fun, deep-dish ceramic noodle bowl has a built-in resting place for the included wooden chopsticks!

Ramen Bowl


I hope these creative gift ideas come in handy while you’re holiday shopping! 

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