5 Reasons a DIY Business Logo is a Terrible Idea

DIY Logos

It’s tempting, I get it. You’re excited to launch your business, but you need a logo. You don’t want to wait for a professional to design one, and you can save money by bootstrapping a DIY business logo using a “design” site and the “design” tools you have on hand.

Please trust me, this is not it. In answering what does branding mean, I  highlight the importance of having a solid brand and building brand equity. Your brand logo is an important piece of that marketing strategy and shouldn’t be scrimped on.      

Stop researching how to create your own brand logo and get in touch with a designer. You will be so glad that you did. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Your logo needs to be designed for your target audience; not you


You may love unicorns and glitter fonts – I mean, who doesn’t? But, that doesn’t mean the target audience for your product or service will have the same appreciation you do. It also may not translate well into a strong branding campaign. 


Logos are meant to speak to your customers while reflecting who you are as a company. Having a professional designer will provide an impartial view. They are  someone who will think from the customer’s perspective, which almost certainly wouldn’t be the case with your DIY business logo.

2. You need something unique that sets you apart from the competition    

A major drawback in using logo creation software/sites is that there’s a good possibility you will run into a duplicate of your brand logo out in the wild. A good designer will take the time to research what’s already being used in the market; ensuring you have something unique, that speaks to your customers and represents your business.

3. Violating usage laws can be costly          

I can’t help but cringe when someone tells me they did a Google search for an image and just decided to use it either in or flat out as their brand logo. AHHHHHHH! Another common and cringe worthy scenario is when they find a design element on a stock art site and decide that’s how they can create their brand logo. WRONG!      

First, if your logo looks too much like a copyrighted one, you could face legal action for infringement. Second, if you do want to copyright your logo, you won’t be able to… causing you to go back to the drawing board and start the logo process all over again.

4. Poor quality can also be costly


I get it. Playing a designer is fun – if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be doing what I do now! However, a quality product or service should be represented by a quality logo, right?

We’re in the midst of a massive digital transformation. Your logo is the face of your company across social media and email avatars, your website, and business cards. It’s too obvious when someone uses MS Paint to cobble a logo together; using system fonts and a rainbow of colors. 

Good designers will create logos and glyphs in professional programs that allow for a wide range of sizing and usage situations. You need a logo that will work on any platform, in any circumstance, at almost any size. And you need to be proud of it, just like you’re proud of your business.

5. You have better things to spend your time on 


This business is your baby. This of course leads you to ask how to create your own business logo. At the end of the day, who knows more about your business than you? While that may be true, it’s a designer’s job to ask all the important questions, get to the heart of what makes your business uniquely yours, and represent that through a quality brand logo design.

You aren’t getting paid to design your logo; you ARE getting paid to make sure your business is offering quality products and/or services and is running as efficiently as possible.

Hopefully, I’ve successfully extinguished your desires to create a DIY business logo. In case anything is still lingering,


What you need to do instead is team up with Brand Mark Digital and let create a stunning logo for your brand. We’re  here to help with over 25 years of experience in delivering high-quality design that articulates businesses and brands. We can also provide the marketing strategy you need to drive acquisition and boost business results. Across the branding spectrum, we’ll make your business stand out above the  competitors and ensure your brand looks great doing it.

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