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Working in an agency setting, it’s easy to get so invested in your client’s goals, that you forget to prioritize your own. We can attest to this first hand. But the same can be said for most business owners, constantly investing in your products, services, clients and/or customers and forgetting to focus on your own assets—in this case, your website.

We’re Thrilled To Announce the Launch of Our Website Redesign

We knew we needed a website refresh. It was time to make a change.

For the past few months, our team has been working overtime to focus on our brand, giving it the care and consideration we give to our own clients. We’re so excited to share our new site with you! We hope you’ll take some time to explore, and share your thoughts with us. 

During the refresh process, we had in-depth discussions about our goals, our content, and our design. We decided that some of our friends, family and clients might find these conversations beneficial when deciding to implement their own website refresh. If you relate to this sentiment at all, then keep reading, because we’ve broken down our website refresh process just for you.

Why is a website refresh important?

Before we get to the planning process, we thought it’d be beneficial to explain how we got here and why a website refresh can be beneficial for your brand. Put simply, things change. 


  • As a business, you might: 
    • Experience growth
    • Introduce a new product
    • Refine your target audience
    • Launch a rebrand


  • As for the algorithm, it’s always evolving to prioritize things such as: 
    • Mobile optimization
    • Site speed
    • Interlinking
    • UX/UI design


As these and other factors shift, it’s vital that your website remains a central, optimized resource for your prospects, customers/users, and any other visitor.

When do you know it’s time to update your website?

In our case, we were never fully satisfied with our site. When we initially launched Brand Mark Digital, we knew we needed to get a site up—and fast. We hastily produced the website with the full intention of returning to it at a future date. 

We really knew we had to make a change when we realized a few things: 

  • The site speed was far too slow, and our Google ranking was suffering because of it.
  • The site organization didn’t allow us to showcase content in a UX-friendly way.
  • New technology, such as Elementor, would allow us to build a more optimized, easy to edit site.
  • We refreshed our style guide, and wanted our site to reflect our new branding.

All of these elements forced us to take a beat and ensure we’re presenting ourselves as the savvy digital marketers that we know we are. Thus, the new website project began.

How do you update a website?

Give your website a refresh!

Whether you’re just updating a few elements of your website, or you’re completely starting from scratch, your design has to start with proper planning. This plan includes: 

  • Analytics
  • Goals
  • A Site Map
  • SEO
  • Content (copy and graphics)
  • UX/UI-Driven Design
  • More Analytics

For transparency’s sake, we want to say: refreshing your website is no simple task.

Even for a team of digital marketers with decades of experience, building a new website takes planning, industry knowledge, and a LOT of time. For small marketing teams, and especially for small business owners who are managing every aspect of their business, a website refresh can feel like an impossible task. 

We’ve helped countless clients build beautiful, fully optimized websites that help take their business to the next level. And we’d be happy to help you do the same. Whether you need an extra set of hands to help get you over the finish line or you want to offload the entire project, the BMD team is here to help you reach your goals.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you build a website you’re proud of, and stay tuned for our wrap-up report, which will show you how our refresh helped us meet our goals.

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