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Combat Nashville’s Competitive Market With a Trusted Construction Marketing Team

With more than 14,600 building permits issued last year, Nashville is growing at a record-setting rate. That growth is, in large part, thanks to the hard-working, visionary folks in the construction industry—people like you. 

When it comes time to bid for that new development contract, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? Or better yet, how can you land the contract before the bidding war begins? Our experienced team can build personalized marketing strategies to help you find answers to these questions and more.

The 3 Best Marketing Strategies for Your Construction Company

1. Build a Solid Foundation With a Construction Marketing Website

Your website is your biggest asset. It’s your portfolio, your sales material, and your lead capture resource. Your website is how people find you and know that your company exists. That’s why it’s important for your website to reflect who you are and what you’ve done: 

  • Your case studies
  • Your methodologies
  • Your biggest differentiators

But in today’s technology age, it’s not enough to list the information in a visually appealing way. You also need to ensure your site is optimized for search and mobile. That’s where a digital marketing company like Brand Mark Digital can help.

2. Elevate Your Brand With Comprehensive Reputation Management

Construction Management Search Results

You know all about the importance of effective project management on a job site, but do you know what pops up when you Google your company’s name? What about when you search for “Construction Management Companies in Nashville”?

We recently tested this with a prospect whose name didn’t even pop up on the first page of Google. The truth is, if people don’t know you exist, they can’t give you the job. But it goes even further than that. Even if a developer, owner, or general contractor is able to find you online, will they like what they see? 

Reputation management includes:

  • Your ranking in the search results
  • Online reviews
  • Case studies
  • Mentions in industry publications


It’s a lot to manage, especially when you’re busy managing multi-million dollar projects that keep the lights on. See how Brand Mark Digital can help you. 

3. Architect Leads With Strategic Relationship Building & Nurturing

With your iron-clad reputation in tow, there is still a chance that the developer on the next big project will call up a connection to see who worked on their project, and you’ll never get a fair shot at the contract. So how can you ensure that your company’s name is at the top of the preferred contractors list? It all comes down to relationships. 

Despite the recent growth, Nashville is still a small town and you’ve got to work your relationships—new and existing—to stay top of mind. That means: 

  • Keeping an updated database of contacts
  • Touching base with old connections
  • And connecting with new ones


At Brand Mark Digital, we help our clients deploy digital marketing campaigns focused on relationships, such as account-based marketing and marketing automation. Let’s talk about how we can help you close the deal. 

The Value of Fractional Marketing

Outsourced Marketing For Construction Companies

In Nashville’s competitive construction landscape, how do you stand up to the industry giants? You need to look at this problem from a different angle—you need a marketing team that understands your industry AND the digital marketing landscape. 

And please don’t miss our emphasis on the word TEAM. This isn’t something that one person can take on by themselves, especially not if that one person is wearing multiple hats. That’s where Brand Mark Digital can help. Check out our blog to learn about the benefits of working with an outsourced marketing team. 

A Data-Driven Approach to Construction Marketing

At Brand Mark Digital, we let the data drive your strategy and work hard to help you achieve your goals—there is no one-size fits all approach. So, start investing in your business’s long-term success today.

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